Version v5.0.8

July 20, 2024

+ (Anime) greatly improve episode detection from file names
+ added the hotkey CTRL+S for direct saving/closing in the editors
+ (JMTE) Added ...

Version v5.0.7

June 22, 2024

x major performance enhancement of upgrade tasks
x (HTTP API) fix updating of TV shows
x do not crash on startup with faulty PATH entries #259...

Version v5.0.6

June 07, 2024

+ (TV show) added poster file naming for Zidoo #2510
+ added an option to round the framerate (use ${framerate(round)}) #2568
+ (movie/TV show...

Version v5.0.5

May 02, 2024

+ yt-dlp can be used as external program for downloading trailers
+ added frame rate to the renamer tokens #2557
+ added an alternate style fo...

Integration of yt-dlp

May 02, 2024

Downloading of trailers from YT is kinda a hit and miss recently, so we decided to create an integration of yt-...

Version v4.3.16

April 27, 2024

x fix writing localized genres into NFO
x fix Kodi RPC calls on invalid entries
x re-write NFO after new artwork has been set #2505
x up...

Version v5.0.4

April 07, 2024

+ (movie/TV show) group the artwork type in the artwork panel for better visibility
x fixed trailer downloading for newer trailers #2532
x (st...

Version v4.3.15

March 04, 2024

x fix chinese language for simplified/traditional
x ignore movies with invalid datasource in KodiRPC
x added the array renderer to the export ...

Version v5.0.3

March 02, 2024

x upgraded libmediainfo to 24.01
x respect setting for trash folder when deleting movies/TV shows #2477
x (TVDB) scrape missing country for sh...

Version v5.0.2

February 09, 2024

+ (TV shows) added an option to choose the rating source priority #2405
+ (KodiRPC) support for multiple combined Kodi datasources #2465
x imp...

Version v5.0.1

January 20, 2024

+ add French TP certificate #2424
+ detect some more known audio codecs
x fixed missing window decorations on Wayland
x (NFO) prefer to ...

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Version v4.3.14

November 05, 2023

x upgraded libmediainfo to 23.09
x adapt IMDB parsing due to changed site
x dropping DavesTrailerPage scraper, since Apple closed their traile...

Version v4.3.13

August 19, 2023

+ MediaInfo: also support their sidecar file naming
+ improve ID detection from file-/folder name
x several fixes for IMDb
x fix NFO nam...

Episode groups

August 05, 2023

One of our biggest problem over the past years was the handling of different orderings of the TV show episodes (episode groups).

tinyMediaManager profiles

July 30, 2023

tinyMediaManager v5 will be able to write your data into the systems default locations if you don’t use the portable version:

Version v4.3.12

July 04, 2023

x (FFmpeg) set correct artwork metadata for the enhanced artwork download algorithm #2181
x added an action to export internal data for issue analys...

Version v4.3.11.1

May 23, 2023

x some fixes/enhancements on the automatic artwork download algorithm #2182, #2184
x use “date added” as default date for Trakt.tv sync #2183

Version v4.3.11

May 20, 2023

+ added Chinese (Singapore) to the scraper languages #2142
+ (renamer) audioChannels in “dot” notation (6ch -> 5.1)
+ (bulk edit) remember ...

Version v4.3.10

April 10, 2023

+ added new “unique” array renderer
+ (FFmpeg) added some variance to create different thumbs everytime #2137
x improved loading speed of movi...

Version v4.3.9

March 19, 2023

x (TVDB) only scrape the requested certification code
x fix duplicate filter with movie sets scraped from TMDB #2024
x fixed parsing language ...

Version v3.1.18

February 12, 2023

After more than 2 years of backporting fixes to v3, this will be the last update for v3

Version v4.3.8

January 15, 2023

+ added new <episodeguide> style for Kodi v19+ - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=370489 (http://bit.ly/3IIJZLV)
+ added an option to ...

JMTE Chaining Renderer

January 12, 2023

Starting with v4.3.8 tinyMediaManager offers a new JMTE renderer which allows the usage multiple JMTE renderers for one token. The syntax for the new rend...

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New episodeguide Format

December 28, 2022

Kodi (and its scrapers) has some drawbacks for the <episodeguide> information which will be written in the NFO files. The information in the <epi...

Version v4.3.7

December 01, 2022

x better detect and parse movie structures #1932
x fixed changing of tags in episodes #1955
x (IMDB) make cleaner calls to avoid HTTP 403 resp...

Version v4.3.6

November 26, 2022

+ added reloading of mediainfo to the commandline interface
+ Subtitles: also parse language from filename, if MediaInfo detects none #1947
+ ...

Version v4.3.5

November 06, 2022

+ added the “date added” column to the movie set table #1937
+ IMDB serves different search result pages - parse other one too
x fixed wrong d...

10 years of tinyMediaManager

October 14, 2022

tinyMediaManager was born in Summer 2012 as a hobby project by Manuel Laggner. After switching to Linux in 2012 he was missing a media manager to maintain...

Version v4.3.4

October 08, 2022

+ added the ID of the movie/TV show to the search results #1824
+ added a renamer token for TV show genres and TV show/episode ratings #1874

Version v4.3.3

August 26, 2022

+ redesign the file type panel
+ added Top 250 column to the movie list #1838
x fix displaying correct runtime for disc folders
x preser...

Version v4.3.2

August 03, 2022

+ redesign artwork type naming panel
x check for existing ID when using MPDb.TV scraper (metadata & artwork)
x fixed aspect ratio detectio...

Version v4.3.1

July 31, 2022

x removed copying of file attributes which resulted in inaccessible artwork #1835
x fix for handling disc files not in their expected folder

Version v4.3

July 29, 2022

+ added an action to scrape ratings from multiple scrapers #1672 (https://bit.ly/3yDBRY8)
+ fetch all possible IDs & ratings when scraping #1672...

Version v3.1.17

July 24, 2022

+ updated libmediainfo to 22.06
x (TV shows) detect 4 digit episode numbers
x (TV shows) allow episode numbers up to 6 digits long

Enhanced Search in the Movie Module

June 17, 2022

tinyMediaManager v4.3 offers a new enhancement for the search field in the movie module: similar to JMTE you can access to several different properties of...

Fetch Multiple Ratings

May 15, 2022

tinyMediaManager v4.3 introduces a new way to get multiple ratings at once. Up to now we could only offer the rating from the scraper itself along with IM...


May 07, 2022

tinyMediaManager v4.3 introduces a new (experimental) HTTP API to remote control a running instance. The HTTP API can be used to remotely (or periodically...

Version v4.2.8

April 15, 2022

+ enabled multi line notes #1710
+ updated libmediainfo to 22.03
+ added a renamer token for movie set index respecting missing movies #1702

Version v4.2.7

March 09, 2022

+ added an action to rewrite movie set NFO files
x fix startup problems if your Kodi RPC credentials are wrong
x fix MediaSource detection for...

Version v4.2.6

February 19, 2022

+ added certification support for Hong Kong #1623
+ added button to create movie sets from within the movie editor
+ (movies/TV shows) added s...

Version v4.2.5

January 06, 2022

+ enabled aspect ratio detection for disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV) #1573
+ added an option to ignore specials in list missing episodes (thx @dimitri...

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Version v4.2.4

December 08, 2021

+ added support for season fanart #1434 #1572
+ support for getting FFmpeg thumbs from disk folders
+ added bit depth to audio media informati...

Version v4.2.3

November 13, 2021

+ support for multiple trailers in the same language (forced, sdh, …) #343 #1543
+ make trailer table sortable #1492
+ added a dedicated file ...

Version v4.2.2

September 20, 2021

+ added selected entries amount and file size totals to the movie/movie set/TV show list #1450
+ added file size totals tp the movie/movie set/TV sh...

Post processing

September 19, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.2.2 introduces a new feature called “post processing”. With this feature you are able to trigger external tools/commands on your media...

Version v4.2.1

September 04, 2021

x (TVDB) hotfix for the broken TVDB search API x (TVDB) various smaller fixes in the API
x selecting images in the image chooser with double click x...

Version v4.2

September 03, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.2 is a big release with several noteworthy changes.

Version v3.1.16

September 03, 2021

x fixed loading of the translations for Traditional Chinese (zh_Hant) #1406


August 13, 2021

TheTVDB announced that the sunset of their (free) API v3 will be on October 1, 2021. With the sunset of TheTVDB API...

Display missing metadata

August 05, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.2 introduces a new way to show you what kind of metadata is missing. In the past this check was kinda hard coded inside tinyMediaManag...

Regular expression based skip folders

July 23, 2021

In addition to the absolute path based skip folders, tinyMediaManager v4.2 adds the ability to add skip folders for movies which are based on

Scrape - Do not overwrite options

June 27, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.2 introduces a feature where you can enable a “do not overwrite existing data” option when scraping. This becomes handy if you have ma...

Version v3.1.15

June 26, 2021

+ updated libmediainfo to 21.03 #1309
x enhanced cleaning of filenames on import #950
x some fixes for detecting/handling pt-BR subtitles

Third party scraper addons

June 25, 2021

tinyMediaManager’s next release (v4.2) will introduce an interface for third party scrapers. Using this interface any developer can create a scraper and p...

Version v4.1.6

June 19, 2021

+ (movies/TV shows) “add a new data source” has been added to the “update data sources” menu
+ (movies/TV shows) view NFO files and play music theme...

Version v4.1.5

May 23, 2021

+ added an enhanced aspect ratio detector (thx @icebaer72 and @All-Ex)
+ heavily reworked the Kodi integration #335, #966, #971, #1151, #1303

Aspect Ratio Detection

May 14, 2021

tinyMediaManager’s newest release (v4.1.5) added automatic detection of the “real” aspect ratio of movies and TV shows. Many video files are encoded in 16...

Version v4.1.4

May 03, 2021

+ updated libmediainfo to 21.03
+ (movies/TV shows) added “force best match” to automatic subtitle downloads (rather than only download file hash ma...

Search with TMDB/IMDB/TVDB id

April 25, 2021

Starting with tinyMediaManager v4.1.4 it is now possible to do a movie/TV show search using the TMDB/IMDB/TVDB id directly in the search window. To make t...

Version v3.1.14

April 24, 2021

x (macOS) fixed JVM discovery on Big Sur
x (TV shows) better cancel handling of update data sources #1255

Version v4.1.3

April 02, 2021

+ Emby compatibility enhancements

  • (TV shows) proper trailer naming for Emby
  • (TV shows) added tmdbid to the NFO
  • (TV sh...

Version v4.1.2

March 20, 2021

+ new columns for HDR and aspect ratio - thx @icebaer72
+ (movies/TV shows) re-added persisting of last used filters #1153
+ (movies) option t...

Version v4.1.1

February 26, 2021

+ filter for note field
x (TV show) fixes endless update data source #1230 #1228
x (TV show) do not select all episodes in TV show rename acti...

Version v3.1.13

February 26, 2021

x fix loading of various aspect ratio icons #1160
x fixes Trakt.tv integration
x fixed parsing of TMDB id for TV shows

Version v4.1

February 21, 2021

+ License changes - Now there is a FREE and PRO version of tinyMediaManager. In the FREE version there is no more limitation of loaded movies/TV shows or ...

JMTE replacement renderer

January 07, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.1 introduced a new JMTE renderer (replace) to do custom replacements. Those ...

Expert mode in bulk editor

January 04, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.1 introduces a new expert mode in the bulk editor to freely set some pre-defined text fields in the movie. This expert mode a...

Migrate data sources to a new location

January 02, 2021

Starting with tinyMediaManager v4.1 you will have the possibility to exchange a data source with another path in all your movies/TV shows. This m...

Missing Movies in Movie Set

January 01, 2021

tinyMediaManager v4.1 will include the ability to display missing movies from movie sets (like the missing episode feature for TV shows). This can only be...

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Version v4.0.7

December 21, 2020

+ added decades filter for movies
+ added new column (audio title) in media information panels (movie / TV shows)
+ added HDR Format filter fo...

Version v3.1.12

December 21, 2020

+ added “_” as a colon separator in the renamer settings #974
x backport MediaInfo changes from v4 (aspect ratio and others)
x backport fixes ...

Version v4.0.6

November 27, 2020

+ added support of Kodi v19 style extrafanart (fanartX.ext)
+ added support of sorting in movie set/TV show tree #540
+ provide a filter for m...

Version v3.1.11

November 27, 2020

x reading of hybrid DVD ISO files
x updated libmediainfo to 20.09

Version v4.0.5

October 26, 2020

+ added support for trailer download to /trailers #787
+ re-added tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe for Windows command line execution
+ added subtitle ...

Version v4.0.4

October 07, 2020

+ added setting to suppress writing of <episodeguide> tag
x (image chooser) show original image always in original size
x errors when do...

Version v4.0.3

October 04, 2020

+ added a year column in the TV show tree #1026
+ added a release date column in the movie table #1029
x do not cleanup episodes if the TV sho...

Version v3.1.10

October 04, 2020

+ added a file size renderer to the export templates
x added some changes to improve youtube trailer downloading
x included a search rate thro...

IMDB ratings

October 01, 2020

Using the official IMDB datasets it is possible to mix in the IMDB ratings into every scrape where an IMDB id is available. The IMDB id is provided by the...

Version v4.0.2

September 30, 2020

+ enhanced display of ratings
+ added action to re-fetch IMDB ratings #989
x set “Disable SSL certificate verification” to true per default to...

Version v4

September 30, 2020

After several months of development we are proud to announce tinyMediaManager v4...

Version v3.1.9

September 18, 2020

x removed kyradb.com artwork provider
x take the correct artwork extension when using local files in the image chooser
x several enhancements ...

Version v3.1.8

September 01, 2020

+ updated libmediainfo to 20.08
+ updated Movie Picker template (thx @bastienpruvost)
x removed a memory leak in IMDB scraper
x do not w...

Version v3.1.7

June 29, 2020

+ (movie) only show used genres in the genre filter
+ added fr_CA to scraper languages
x fixed detection of multipart files
x fixed disp...

Version v3.1.6

May 31, 2020

+ Further improve episode detection #824
+ added (internal) subtitle language information to the renamer tokens #855
+ added support for doubl...

Version v3.1.5

March 08, 2020

+ splitted space substitution in the TV show renamer into setting for TV show/season folder and episode filename (thx @dimitricappelle)
NOTE: you ...

Version v3.1.4

March 08, 2020

+ added some more scraper languages #800
+ added a filter for common audio channel setups
+ (movie/TV show) option to extract artwork from VSM...

Version v3.1.3

February 19, 2020

+ clean empty subfolders after renaming movies/TV shows
+ added “remove artwork” for TV show seasons too
+ (Movie) added a new export template...

Version v3.1.2

January 14, 2020

x reverted usage of NativeFileDialogs for macOS users #762 #764 x fixed some issues in the file-/folder dialogs x fixed migration of movies from 3.0.x to ...

Version v3.1.1

January 13, 2020

+ re-added AniDB scraper to the ui #759
+ use another algorithm for title case rendering
x fixed movie set name cleanup for file-/folder names...

Version v3.1

January 12, 2020

+ added trailer support for TV shows
+ added experimental support for BluRay ISO reading
+ completely reworked scraper configuration: you now ...

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Version v3.0.5

October 05, 2019

+ added a scraper for MPDb.tv (thx @wjanes)
+ added an action to force deletion of all HTTP caches (on disk and in memory) #656
+ added changi...

Version v3.0.4

September 01, 2019

+ changed “finding unwanted files” logic to use regular expressions
+ show a warning what rename&cleanup does
+ added a new export templat...

Version v3.0.3

August 20, 2019

+ reworked the YouTube download engine. Should now work for almost all trailers! (thx @wjanes)
+ separated space substitution for filenames and fold...

Version v3.0.2

June 26, 2019

+ added undo/redo for all text fields
+ added renamer token for the current parent folder (to enable renaming of folders without moving them in the ...

Version v3.0.1

June 12, 2019

x fixed Fanart.tv reading personal clientKey
x fixed Fanart.tv using TMDB id fallback
x fixed TvShow exporter naming pattern #525
x fixe...

Version v3.0

May 31, 2019

After several years of development we are proud to announce tinyMediaManager v3...

Version 2.9.17

May 14, 2019

x fixed artwork loading from TVDB
x fixed IMDB id lookup for TV shows (to provide more artwork for TV scraping)
x fixed AniDb caching issues (...

version v3.0 RC4

April 25, 2019

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC4 is out containing many fixes/improvements over RC3:

version v3.0 RC3

March 18, 2019

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC3 is out containing many fixes/improvements over RC2:

Version 2.9.16

February 18, 2019

x MediaInfo reworked their naming schema for audio codecs - please reload your media information where needed!
x TMDB-scraper: do not accept empty I...

Version v3.0 RC2

February 18, 2019

RC2 of tinyMediaManager v3 is out, containing the following changes:

Version 2.9.15

January 28, 2019

+ added sortTitle to the movie renamer patterns (thx @xsxiaosa)
+ added XLARGE (2160p) fanart support for tmdb
+ added XLARGE (2000x3000px) po...

Version v3.0 RC1

January 14, 2019

After several years of development we are proud to announce tinyMediaManager v3 - RC1...

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Version 2.9.14

December 08, 2018

+ Java 9 / 10 / 11 compatibility!
+ High Dynamic Range detection for mediafiles - you need to reload MediaInfo and then use $H in renamer
+ op...

Version 2.9.13

July 23, 2018

+ improved image caching (you should clear and rebuild your image cache)
+ updated libmediainfo to 18.05
+ added another recognized trailer fi...

Version 2.9.12

May 29, 2018

x display Kodi scrapers at the end of the list
x fixed imdb scraper: parsing of numbers in RU
x fixed loading of the TVDB plugin
x fixed...

Version 2.9.11

May 05, 2018

x added Ł and ł in the ascii replacer
x changed tvdb API to version 2

Version 2.9.10

April 26, 2018

+ feature: Kodi plugins now able to download images (movies)
x fixed registering donator version

Version 2.9.9

April 23, 2018

+ removed usage of Google Analytics
+ added hebrew as media language (thx to @israelio)
x several fixes in the OSX starter script
x fixe...

Version 2.9.8

February 08, 2018

+ added frame rate from mediainfo
+ updated libmediainfo to 17.12
+ show result window of the “find missing movies” feature
x fix IMDB l...

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Version 2.9.7

December 10, 2017

+ added DataTables export template - thx to @C. Janke
x fixed the imdb scraper (imdb changed their web pages) - thx to @Grizzler89
x fixed a p...

Version 2.9.6

December 10, 2017

+ add persian language
+ added option to include external audio files in Kodi NFO streamdetails (thx @midgetspy)
+ support for mediainfo 17.10...

Version 2.9.5

October 05, 2017

+ added some more (common) languages to the available scraper languages
x adapt IMDB site changes; getting plot works again
x fix fanart.tv sc...

UPnP support

March 25, 2017

With version 2.9.3 we’ve integrated a very special feature - tinyMediaManager is now able to be a UPnP streaming server.

Version 2.9.2

January 27, 2017

+ added action: download missing artwork
+ added parsing of Synology VSMETA files
+ added shortcut (CTRL - F) to jump to the search field (thx...

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Version 2.9.1

December 12, 2016

+ added Trakt.tv scraper
+ added option in the bulk renamer to set/clear the sort title
+ updated libmediainfo to 0.7.90
+/x added escap...

Version 2.9

October 27, 2016

SCRAPER CHANGES: You now have the option to scrape localized language/country names instead of ISO codes
!Check your scraper config (IMDB/TMDB/Movie...

Version 2.8.3

August 15, 2016

+ movies: created an own column for available meta data (reverted logic for NFO column)
+ Take year differences more into account, when comparing sc...

Version 2.8.2

July 19, 2016

+ MediaInfo for ISO files - yay!
+ reworked command line scraping, please check syntax (add scrapeAll, reworked logic for TvShows)
+ added sel...

Version 2.8.1

June 15, 2016

x do not reset certification style to SHORT
x remove movies without VIDEO files after update data sources
x follow symlinks with our new “upda...

Version 2.8

June 13, 2016

IMPORTANT: changed certification output (in NFO files) from a fixed string to a set of templates.
! Please check your movie settings afte...

Offline movies

May 13, 2016

With version 2.8 we’ve added a feature called offline movies. This feature can be used to add offline movies like DVD, BluRay or VHS movies to your media ...

Subtitle language style

May 02, 2016

With version 2.8 we’ve introduced some different presets for the subtitle language styles in the file names.

Movie editions

May 02, 2016

With version 2.8 we’ve added a feature called movie editions. Before 2.8 having a movie in several editions (e.g. Directors Cut and Extended Edition) resu...

Version 2.7.4

April 01, 2016

+ added vote count for Tv shows and episodes
x fixed TvShow renamer when having duplicate tokens or multi episodes
x fixed MovieRenamerPreview...

Version 2.7.2

January 22, 2016

LINUX: We’ve removed the shipped mediainfo library due to massive problems between different distributions. Please install the libmediainfo directl...

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Version 2.7.1

December 31, 2015

+ added episode tags to the TV show bulk editor x fix startup problems x fix poster & fanart sizes x fix parsing of the year in the movie editor x fix...

Version 2.7

December 29, 2015

Within the last months tinyMediaManager has constantly grown and thus we decided to do some general cleanup of the whole source to prepare it for the next...

Kodi scraper

December 28, 2015

Starting with version 2.7 we support parsing of Kodi scraper xml files (donator version only). With this meta scraper you are able to use far more scraper...

Version 2.6.9

July 27, 2015

IMPORTANT: with tinyMediaManager version 2.7 we do not support Java6 anymore.
If you are still using Java6, please update or you will stay at versio...

Version 2.6.8

June 08, 2015

IMPORTANT: with tinyMediaManager version 2.7 we do not support Java6 anymore.
If you are still using Java6, please update or you will stay at versio...

Version 2.6.7

May 15, 2015

IMPORTANT: with tinyMediaManager version 2.7 we do not support Java6 anymore.
If you are still using Java6, please update.

Version 2.6.6

February 26, 2015

+ updated trakt.tv library to the new API
IMPORTANT: please re-enter your login data for trakt.tv

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DVD order of episodes

December 27, 2014

Starting with 2.6.5 you can now add TV show episodes in DVD order to tinyMediaManager.
When importing new episodes to tinyMediaManager, the episode ...

Version 2.6.4

November 14, 2014

+ changed Fanart.tv to v3 API (with clientKey)
+ added more artwork scraping dialogs
+ new Excel export template (xml)
+ added $L langua...

Version 2.6.3

October 05, 2014

+ added edit button for tv show season
x fix physically deletion of movies in multiMovieDir
x updated Trakt.tv libs
x fix release build ...

Version 2.6.2

September 21, 2014

+ added column for watched state to the movie table
+ added action to scrape episode metadata without thumbs
+ added quick creation of movie s...

Version 2.6.1

September 08, 2014

x fixed scraping of episode metadata
x fixed TV show renamer
x fixed year setting for TV show renamer
x fixed image chooser for thumbs (...

Version 2.6

September 06, 2014

After a few months of heavy code cleanups, implementing new features and an UI rework (approx. 180 commits) we are proud to announce

Media source detection

August 23, 2014

There is another feature for version 2.6: media source detection and management. To support several Kodi (XBMC) skins, we’ve added the detection, manageme...

Image preview in image chooser

August 21, 2014

In version 2.6 we’ve added a feature which was requested quite often: a picture preview in the image chooser. When you are in the image chooser, you will ...

Trailer download

August 19, 2014

The second donator feature included in version 2.6 is the trailer download. This feature is now free for all.

New internal threading model

August 19, 2014

We’ve reworked our internal threading model, to address some shortcomings of our old versions and provide better multi tasking.

Movie renamer preview

August 18, 2014

The first donator feature we’ve included is a renamer preview. This feature is now free for all.

Donator version

August 18, 2014

With version 2.6 we’ve added a new feature called the “Donator’s version”. Every donator of tinyMediaManager can register his copy for some special featur...

Reworked settings dialog

August 16, 2014

For version 2.6 we’ve completely reworked our settings screens: they’ve been moved from the tab on the right side to a pop up window. You can access this ...

Version 2.5.5

March 24, 2014

+ enhanced writing of certification to the XBMC NFO
x fixed media info loading problems for some users (JNA update to 4.1)
x fixed a bug where...

Version 2.5.4

March 04, 2014

There was a nasty bug in an external library with version 2.5.3 which caused our internal database to become corrupted. We’ve added some recovery function...

Version 2.5.2

February 07, 2014

+ added a lightbox effect, when clicking on an artwork in the movie/movie set/tv show panel (see

Image preview (lightbox)

February 03, 2014

With release 2.5.2 we have added an image preview feature, which allows to view media artwork with a lightbox effect. By clicking an image from the detail...

Version 2.5.1

January 14, 2014

x fixed a problem where mediainfo could not be loaded
x fixed a database loading problem

Version 2.5

January 12, 2014

after 1.5 months and about 200 commits we are proud to announce

New filter panels

January 06, 2014

With release 2.5 we’ve introduced a new filter panel for movies and TV shows which now provide more options for effective filtering. The filter panel for ...

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Version 2.4.7

November 17, 2013

feature: added configurable scraper threshold (thx to georg)
fix: some performance enhancements to the movie importer
fix: remove set tag from...

Version 2.4.6

November 01, 2013

feature: new TV show renamer option: 01x01 format
feature: added a tag for optional tokens {}
fix: added -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true to so...

Version 2.4.5

October 28, 2013

feature: when getting only 1 search result at automatic scrape, we assume it is the right one (and take it - ignoring the score)
feature: added upda...

Version 2.4.4

October 20, 2013

feature: added icons to the menu items
feature: changed our notification system
feature: improved caching of extrathumbs/extrafanart

Version 2.4.3

October 13, 2013

feature: added video codec / audio codec filter for movies
fix: some enhancements to the search algorithm
fix: some performance improvements f...

Version 2.4.1

October 05, 2013

feature: detect imdb id from file/folder name at import
feature: switched scaling algorithm to imgscalr - is should now use less memory, be faster a...

v2.4 - r1013

September 30, 2013

feature: detect movies in multi movie dirs (this file structure is not recommended)
feature: added wake on LAN support
feature: add up to 5 fa...

Command line arguments

September 16, 2013

With r965 it is possible to do some common tasks via the command line. To start tinyMediaManager via the command line, there is a new executeable/shellscr...

v2.2 – r912

August 31, 2013

feature: added search field in the TV show section
feature: added $N token for movie renamer (movieset title)
feature: cleanup of empty folder...

v2.2 – r865

August 18, 2013

feature: TV show renamer
feature: 2 cool movie export templates from Matthew (jQueryliscious & SimpleConfluence)
feature: added country to...

UI translations

August 13, 2013

We are getting more and more translations for the tinyMediaManager UI, so we decided to let the user change the UI language. Until now the UI translations...

TV show specials

August 13, 2013

While TV show/episode scraping works pretty well, there are some problems with specials: Sometimes a special episode isn’t part of the season which is act...

v2.1 – r716

July 14, 2013

feature: movie set token available for movie renamer
feature: added movie selection for the renamer preview (in settings)
feature: added more ...

v2.1 – r694

June 30, 2013

feature: added play button to launch the video file with your systems default player (

Notification messages

June 30, 2013

With version 2.1 - r687 we added notification messages and a summary window (at the end of a task). These messages help to inform the user, whenever a pro...

Enhanced TV show editor

June 30, 2013

With version 2.1 - r673 the TV show editor was enhanced by a 3rd tab: the episodes tab. In this tab you are able to mass edit the season/episode number, r...

v2.0 - r650

June 14, 2013

feature: changing episode thumbs now possible (local files)
fix: error in movie exporting
fix: crash when using empty tags
fix: crash wh...

TV show management

June 09, 2013

Starting with version r534 the core functionality of TV shows is almost done. The settings for the TV show section is similar to the settings of the movie...

New MediaInformation and MediaFile view

June 09, 2013

With version r557 there was a new tab containing several informations added and the existing mediafiles panel refactored. In the tab “Media Information” a...

File and directory chooser dialog

March 21, 2013

Some time ago I recognized (and a user pointed me to that issue) the file and directory chooser dialogs aren’t as nice as the native counterparts. In the ...

Beta - r348

March 16, 2013

  • feature: support of custom genres (the dropdown for genres is now editable, import of new genres through NFO will create them)
  • feature:...

Movieset artwork folder

March 15, 2013

XBMC has a lack of supporting full movieset metadata from external tools. So it is impossible to get the movieset artwork you have chosen in tinyMediaMana...

Extrathumb and extrafanart

March 15, 2013

With version r345 there are now 2 new features available: storing of extrathumbs (including resizing) and extrafanart.

Beta - r314

March 01, 2013

  • feature: added “abort queue” when selecting multiple movies and do edit/search actions
  • fix: NPE on moviesorting in moviesets

Beta - r306

February 27, 2013

  • feature: added bulk editing of: genres, tags, movieset assignment and watched flag
  • feature: XBMC NFO writing should now respect many (i...

Beta - r279

February 13, 2013

  • improved handling of various image filenames
  • reworked the movie renamer (now renaming will work even better with all different image fi...

Beta - r256

February 04, 2013

  • fixed creation of extrathumbs
  • added the option to get the tmdbid for moviesets in movieset editor window

Beta - r254

February 03, 2013

  • added ofdb.de scraper
  • added fanart.tv scraper (now image scraping from more than one source is possible!)
  • added image changi...

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