Version v4.2.8

1 minute read

+ enabled multi line notes #1710
+ updated libmediainfo to 22.03
+ added a renamer token for movie set index respecting missing movies #1702
+ (movies/TV shows) write <tvdbid> tag for actors in the NFO file #1722
x (movies/TV shows) fixed losing of entries after loading #1714
x (TV shows) fixed incomplete missing episodes list #1713
x (TV shows) smaller fixes for displaying missing episodes
x improved download speed of trailers
x (TV shows) allow episode numbers up to 6 digits long #1712
x prevent adding duplicate data sources
x prevent an occasional crash in the movie search dialog #1695
x changed imdb actor image loading/scaling algorithm
x (TV shows) removed duplicated shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N #1719
x removed some well known words from being deleted in the title detection #1721
x suppress scraping a blank title due to a wrong configuration #1703

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