Regular Expression Based JMTE Annotation

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tinyMediaManager v4.3 added a way to enhance the JMTE syntax with regular expressions. You can use this regular expression annotation to extract/modify parts of the chosen token.

A common use case is to preserve some tags of a file name which tinyMediaManager cannot handle. Just imagine you have a file

movie-title [tag1] [tag2].mkv

and you want to preserve the [tag1] [tag2]part of the original file name in the renamer.

Annotation syntax

The syntax of the annotation is as follows:

${@regexp expression source destination}


  • ${@regexp - opens the annotation for JMTE
  • expression - is the regular expression. NOTE: you cannot use {} in the regular expression since those will conflict with JMTE
  • source - the source token where to take the information from. ATTENTION: you need to insert the whole token (and not the short token). E.g. movie.originalFilename
  • destination - a string with placeholders where the found parts of the regular expression will be entered. $1 will use the findings from group 1, $2will use findings from group 2, …

JMTE uses the Java syntax for regular expression. You can test your regular expression with the online tool RegexPlanet.


Having the file name movie-title [tag1] [tag2].mkv and the annotated pattern ${@regexp (\[.*?\])\. movie.originalFilename $1} will produce [tag1] [tag2].

This can be enhanced by other JMTE tokens:

${title} ${- ,edition,} (${year}) ${@regexp (\[.*?\])\. movie.originalFilename $1}

will produce (with the title Foo and year 2008): Foo (2008) [tag1] [tag2].

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