version v3.0 RC4

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tinyMediaManager v3 - RC4 is out containing many fixes/improvements over RC3:

+ added support for characterart for TV shows
+ added support for keyart for movies and TV shows
+ added a “missing episode list” (thx @wjanes)
+ added support for image check (now you can configure which artwork must be available for the green checkmark - thx @wjanes)
+ added video bit depth to the renamer
+ added colon replacement with spaces
+ added some more media info logos
+ completely refactored integration
+ save trace logs from the last session (for better/easier bug hunting)
+ major rework of the media files panel
+ enhanced the wizard by UI settings
+ added support for folder.ext for season poster
x fixed some movie set artwork hiccups
x use the new date formatter in the movie table too
x make settings dialog scrollable
x IMDb id can now be bigger
x added .mk3d to supported file extensions
x respect movie trailer settings on download
x fixed some libmediainfo detections
x many fixes in the TV show tree (performance and stability)
x only write guests to episode NFO files
x do not use libmediainfo for getting the “date added”
x Kodi RPC - use asynchronous connection (do not block startup if Kodi is not available)
x better sorting of media files (by type and size now)
x updated glazedlists to 1.11.0
x do not offer checkboxes for extrathumbs/extrafanart when not activated in settings
x added more translateable texts for scraper settings
x many code cleanups

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.

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