version v3.0 RC3

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tinyMediaManager v3 - RC3 is out containing many fixes/improvements over RC2:

+ major rework of filters
+ added subtitle column for TV shows
+ MI: gather title & real file creation date
+ reworked image cache task to use all CPUs
+ reworked caching Url classes for better caching
+ bulk editor -> possibility to remove all entry from the lists (thx to @wjanes)
x episodes: write correct XML header
x showtitle in episode NFO now contains the show title
x logging enhancements
x deletion of old backup files
x redesigned valid NFO evaluation
x do not return null on search (prevent NPE) x KodiRPC: better matching
x update filters on data change in the TV show tree
x changed window management back to the system style
x re-colored the new indicator
x align numbers (rating, size, …) right sided - movie/TV show tab
x prevent some flickering when scraping
x fixed NPE in ImageLabel
x force overwrite actor images on re-scrape
x import V2 datasources from backup
x corrected url to the donation page
x do not delete ratings with 0 votes in the editors
x display set certificate in editors
x better resetting of the image cache for actor artwork
x init dummy episodes even if setting is off
x try to use the date settings from the system for UI display
x re-create renamer examples when activating season specials
x suppress 0 to be rendered into file names
x use a special comparator for original title sorting
x feature: added British English UI language (primary for date formatting)
x changed header icon for certification
x MediaInfo: always check response ;) yes/no vs true/false
x Update to latest official Getdown snapshot
x Refactor audio streams channels String->int; introduce “default”
x MainVideoFile = BiggestVideoFile
x MediaInfo: fix channel decoding for various MI versions
x prevent episodes to be added twice to a season
x respect ascii replacement with the first renderer
x remove empty seasons on the fly
x fix dateAdded
x changed setting watched state of tvshows and settings to toggle (thx to @wjanes)
x MediaInfo: fix DTS-ES and channel detection

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.

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