Version 2.8.3

1 minute read

+ movies: created an own column for available meta data (reverted logic for NFO column)
+ Take year differences more into account, when comparing scraper search results
+ Do not download default movie poster/fanart, if none selected.
+ Do not write NFO, if none selected.
+ better visualize running tasks
+ Added some memory stats to status bar
x fix MediaInfo crash on some DVD ISOs
x fix TV Episode NFOs for extracted DVDs
x fix CMD line updating of TV shows
x fix episode root path for extracted disc folders
x fix adding/removing manual subtitle to media files
x fix certification on rereading NFO
x fix extracting export templates
x fix TvShow NFO import when empty production company
x fix manual sort title (reseted to empty on every save)
x able to handle windows “junction” linked files (deduplication)
x better visualize WakeOnLan menu item (disable when none found)

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