Version 2.9

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SCRAPER CHANGES: You now have the option to scrape localized language/country names instead of ISO codes
!Check your scraper config (IMDB/TMDB/!

Due to recent changes in Kodi we’ve changed our internal handling of movie sets:
- the sorttitle of movies in a movie set is no longer used
(tinyMediaManager and Kodi use the release date to sort)
- tinyMediaManager now supports the new NFO style for movie sets
(reading & writing; we also support reading the old style for importing)

! Due to the NFO changes and sorttitle changes you should rewrite the NFO
! files of your movies if you use movie sets! (Don’t forget to re-import your movies in Kodi)

+ MediaInfo: parse pre-generated XMLs (mainly needed for ISO files)
+ added support for clearlogos
+ added a date picker for easier date editing
+ added automatic download of extra artwork for movie sets
+ implemented filtering for multiple tags (movie & TV shows)
+ implemented filtering for multiple datasources (movie & TV shows)
+ added play button in the movie chooser
+ added scraping of movie set artwork from
+ added connection throttling for anidb
+ added theatrical to movie editions
x fixed subtitle downloading where language tag got stripped off
x fixed a UI glitch in the movie renamer settings when no folder name has been chosen
x fixed Kodi scraper detection on MacOS
x some improvements to the TV show renamer
x fixed update of offline data sources
x fixed an occasional multi threading problem (ConcurrentModificationException)
x fixed loading of online movie set artwork (if no local artwork has been found)
x adhere graphic settings better for multiple movies in one directory / disc folders
x added filter indicator for TV shows too
x fixed detection of episode files
x improved episode name detection at import
x fixed renaming TvShows on CMD line
x fixed downloading of empty movie set image files
x fixed changing the default scraper in the episode editor dialog
x many internal changes….

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