Version 2.8.2

3 minute read

+ MediaInfo for ISO files - yay!
+ reworked command line scraping, please check syntax (add scrapeAll, reworked logic for TvShows)
+ added select all/deselect all buttons for metadata scrape options
+ added persian to the scraper languages
+ added telecine, R5 and stream to media sources
+ added extra language setting for subtitle scraping
+ support folder excluding in Kodi style (.nomedia file in folder to exclude)
+ added media source renamer token for TV shows
+ updated tmdb scraper (thanks to @davidsben)
+ updated extras detection to Plex naming scheme
+ IMDB scraper: option to scrape local release date or global release date
x fixed movie renamer dropping several image/NFO files
x TMDB crash when scraping of several TV shows without artwork
x fixed exporting of movies/TV shows
x fixed TV show multi-file episode detection
x fixed updating of tags in the UI
x rename .idx files along with with .sub files
x improved writing/reading speed for subtitles and NFO files
x do not overwrite external Kodi NFO streamdetails x overwrite existing images in the exporter
x fix for renaming into subfolders
x fixed wrong scraped release dates (where no release date has been found)
x fixed TV episode detection for extracted disc files
x changed the NFO column to better indicate scraped/unscraped movies
x better detection of movie name out of filename

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