Beta - r279

2 minute read

  • improved handling of various image filenames
  • reworked the movie renamer (now renaming will work even better with all different image filenames)
  • internal rework on scraper handling: now its easily possible to choose the scraper and the data to be scraped
  • “update datasources” will now remove movies which are no longer accessible (ie deleted/moved movies)
  • added initial support for DVD/BR disc folders
  • added a warning, that .tbn image filenames will be dropped soon
  • added a settings option for movie-filenames
  • added a possibility to rename only files/folder (if there is no renaming pattern entered, the part won”‘t be renamed)
  • improvements in certification parsing (but there is more work to do)
  • improved importing of NFO which only contained an url in the “thumb” tag
  • fixed a bug when parsing runtime from NFO which contains the string “min”
  • fixed parsing of genres in NFO (mostly written by Ember)
  • fixed a bug where the extrathumb folder has been created everytime an image was chosen
  • fixed a bug where no trailers were written to the NFO
  • fixed a bug where changing metadata on which has been filtered, caused tmm to hang
  • added more default filenames to be recognized on import
  • updated HTTPClient to 4.2.3
  • last, but not least: added a “Donate” option to the “?” menu
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