Beta - r306

2 minute read

  • feature: added bulk editing of: genres, tags, movieset assignment and watched flag
  • feature: XBMC NFO writing should now respect many (in tmm) unused tags rather than overwrite it completely
  • feature: added mediainfo logos for common formats
  • feature: actor images con now be stored in .actors folder
  • feature: jpg and png should now be stored with the correct filetype
  • feature: added spoken languages (not in NFO so far)
  • feature: moviesets are now sorted alphabetically
  • feature: added sorttitle as an extra changeable field in the movie editor (will be filled automatically when in a movieset)
  • feature: added tag in XBMC NFO
  • fix: fixed memory leak with mediainfo
  • fix: increased stacksize – mediainfo should no longer cause jvm crashes
  • fix: added throttling of tmdb connections (only 30 requests per 10 sec per IP is allowed)
  • fix: if a scraper did not find anything – nothing found will be shown in the movie chooser
  • fix: if a scraper did not find anything – nothing will be overwritten when force best match
  • fix: imdb scraper now serves more accurate search results
  • fix: more failsafe extraction of “external” NFOs (i.e. from Ember or XBMC)
  • fix: each director/writer (credits) will be stored in its own tag in the XBMC NFO
  • fix: only the first studio will be exported into the XBMC NFO
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