v2.2 – r865

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feature: TV show renamer
feature: 2 cool movie export templates from Matthew (jQueryliscious & SimpleConfluence)
feature: added country to the movie NFO
feature: added some more NFO tags which tmm will pass through (which tmm doesn’t support)
feature: movie renamer has a new option to remove/cleanup all non tmm NFOs
feature: added searching for TV show episodes (useful for specials - see here)
feature: added changing of UI language (see here)
feature: added sorttitle to TV shows feature: added english as fallback language to the movieset scraper
feature: added highlighting of new TV shows/episodes
feature: added “scrape new items” action to TV shows
feature: added artwork panel for movies (which will show all artwork for a movie)
feature: added dutch and portuguese UI translations
fix: improved writing of XBMC NFOs (you should rewrite your movie NFOs)
fix: some improvements on the imdb and tmdb scraper
fix: better stacking marker detection for movie and tv shows
fix: many changes to movie sets (better scraping, better sorting)
fix: TV show season poster for specials now have the correct filenames
fix: remove logs which are older than 1 week
fix: some fixes to the movie exporter
fix: when adding new tags, they will now appear immediately in the filter panel
fix: occasionally crashes with the movie renamer
fix: codec/resolution images should now displayed the right way
fix: many, many stability fixes (thx to all bug reporters!)

Be aware: you should rewrite all you NFOs to add the new infos to it

If some artwork is missing in the export templates, you have to rescrape the movie (the artwork in the export templates is loaded via the original URL and not the downloaded file; we did not store it to the NFO until now, so there could be some URLs missing in your database!)

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