v2.2 – r912

2 minute read

feature: added search field in the TV show section
feature: added $N token for movie renamer (movieset title)
feature: cleanup of empty folders in the TV show renamer
feature: manual reload of mediainformation for TV shows
feature: added “update selected TV show(s)” to the split button
feature: added expand/collapse all nodes in the TV show section
feature: added automatic backup of the database
feature: added slovak translation fix: .desktop files will now get a valid path in linux (if you have troubles starting tmm via the .desktop, delete tinyMediaManager.desktop before starting tmm)
fix: better video resolution detection (now detecting 4:3 HD)
fix: some fixes for more stable TV show renaming
fix: on update datasources (tv show section) now the episode files will also get scanned with mediainfo
fix: subtitle renaming
fix: removed duplicate languages from settings
fix: some ui component layout in the movie editor
fix: more stable highlighting of new TV shows/episodes
fix: added /usr/share/java to the classpath for linux (to use system wide installed swt lib)
fix: better layouting of the bulk edit window (movie section)
fix: some code cleanups

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