Version v5.0.3

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x upgraded libmediainfo to 24.01
x respect setting for trash folder when deleting movies/TV shows #2477
x (TVDB) scrape missing country for shows #2478
x (TVDB) able to scrape language names (default enabled) #2478
x (IMDB) also parse “T” certifications
x (TV shows) added production company and certification to the renamer examples #2470 #2481
x enhanced table cell width when using a bigger font size #2466
x MediaInfo: workaround for reading different runtime (API vs XML) #2484
x (TMDB) fixed fetching rating (via #2276
x (TV show) fixed scraping of TV show fanart #2483
x (Ratings) fix some maxValues #2492
x (Update) fix corner-case for stacking #2490
x ( fixed searching for some languages (pt-PT, pt-BR, zh-CN, zh-TW)
x (TV shows) detect season artwork for seasons with 6 digits too #2487
x fixed loading of missing metadata filter presets #2496

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