Version v5.0.2

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+ (TV shows) added an option to choose the rating source priority #2405
+ (KodiRPC) support for multiple combined Kodi datasources #2465
x improve performance of update data sources in better excluding locked objects
x reverted #2296 - pre-set of filters in the image chooser
x fixed multi threading access problems for genres #2444
x (TMDB) fetch all episode stills #2387
x fixed crash on empty subtitle objects #2452
x fixed some Docker related problems #2445
x enhanced language detection for audio streams
x fixed detection of season posters (folder.jpg)
x fixed downloading of artwork #2454
x fixed opening trailers twice when pressing the play button
x fixed updating of changed artwork #2446
x improved automatic downloading of trailers #2455
x (Trailer) allow renaming into a disc folder (Kodi style) #2451
x fix NFO writing removing all the file properties #2463
x (MovieSets) better align dateAdded, were cut-off #2464

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