Version v5.0.1

1 minute read

+ add French TP certificate #2424
+ detect some more known audio codecs
x fixed missing window decorations on Wayland
x (NFO) prefer to write user rating without decimals
x (v4 data import) copy the launcher-extra.yml to the correct folder #2412
x embed season artwork into the TV show artwork panel
x avoid exceptions on “update data sources” #2409
x enhanced re-building the image cache after renaming #2423
x rework subtitle language and title parsing
x fix sorting of empty MovieSets
x re-set new flag on “Update selected movie(s)” too #2430
x do not add dummy episodes multiple times to a season #2427
x fixed loading native libs in aarch64/amd64 Docker container #2434
x prefer existing data when downloading missing artwork
x fix UI divider drifting a few pixels after each restart #2432

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