Version 2.8

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IMPORTANT: changed certification output (in NFO files) from a fixed string to a set of templates.
! Please check your movie settings after upgrade !
Default for Kodi NFOs: LARGE (e.g. DE:FSK 16 / DE:FSK16 / DE:16 / DE:ab 16)
Default for MP NFOs: TECHNICAL (e.g. DE_FSK16)

+ added subtitle scraping (via
+ complete rewrite of “update datasource” for movies - massive performance boost!!!
+ complete rewrite of “update datasource” for TV shows - massive performance boost!!!
+ added edition field for movies (now you can have the same movie in multiple versions without problems)
+ added support for offline media (media stubs) + added .tbn support for episode thumbs (Boxee box support)
+ added a field for movie editions (Extended, Director’s cut, ..)
+ added bad words for TV shows + added option to opt-out our internal statistics
+ moved scraping of artwork/trailers in a separate task after searching for a movie
+ added option to automatically rename a movie after scraping
+ added option to set the subtitle language style (for better Plex support)
x fixed plugin loading from paths containing a +
x fix #22 “search episode” scrollbar
x fixed TV show image renaming (command line)
x fix stacking marker detection for movies
x added setting for our internal statistics
x fix: use creation/modification date from file to specify dateAdded
x fixed sorting of movies (respecting white spaces now)
x fixed an optical glitch, where sometimes seasons end episodes appeared twice
x detect Blu-Ray as BluRay source
x fix: do not write local artwork urls to NFO files
x some fixes in the renamers (movie & TV show)
x some smaller fixes

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