Version v4.2.4

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+ added support for season fanart #1434 #1572
+ support for getting FFmpeg thumbs from disk folders
+ added bit depth to audio media information #1581
x prefer fanart without text to comply with Kodi standards #1565
x sort the column “date added” by date AND time
x some enhancements in the MPDb.TV scraper #1574
x sort filter presets by name #1575 (thx @dimitricappelle)
x moved the select all/select none items to top #1527
x (TV shows) fixed writing of for Emby NFOs x (movies) include the original filename as valid renamer pattern #1578 x scraping several trailers from davestrailerpage #1584 x some enhancements in the renamer preview x some enhancements in the image chooser x re-aligned media information panel to show less duplicate data x (TV shows) added presets for Emby/Jellyfin x properly set the "ignore SSL errors" setting on startup

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