Version v4.2.5

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+ enabled aspect ratio detection for disc folders (VIDEO_TS, BDMV) #1573
+ added an option to ignore specials in list missing episodes (thx @dimitricappelle)
x upgraded Java to 15.0.5
x re-ordered popup menus #1400
x add “path” column to TV show table settings
x download missing artwork when saving movies/TV shows/seasons/episodes #1583
x fixed an issue with the FFmpeg artwork provider #1587
x consider external files when getting MediaInfo for movie/show #1601
x fix downloading trailer, if show has not been cleaned yet #1600
x fix checking for missing season names #1602
x (linux) recompiled the launcher to be run with glib < 2.32 #1597
x remove movies/episodes in background (do not block the UI) #1596
x (TVDB/TMDB) use only configured languages for title/plot #1605
x reworked image downloading engine for less needed downloads and better artwork filename cleanup #1598
x fixed loading of season fanart on startup #1607
x run aspect ratio detection for episodes too #1608
x added automatic text direction detection #1595
x further improve naming detection #1614
x (TVDB/TMDB) add networks in the front of the production companies #1569

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