Version v4.2.3

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+ support for multiple trailers in the same language (forced, sdh, …) #343 #1543
+ make trailer table sortable #1492
+ added a dedicated file name filter for video files #1509
+ updated libmediainfo to 21.09 + re-added legacy TVDB API v3 (the shutdown of API v3 has been postponed to the first half of 2022)
+ added trailer scraper for Dave’s movie trailer page (
+ displaying of artwork is now configurable (for poster, fanart, banner, thumb) #1495
+ enabled editing of person IDs #1559
+ added writing of IMDB ID/TMDB ID for directors in Emby NFO format #1558
x (movies) fixed regression of #1048 where a duplicate movie may removed the original one #1557
x (movies) do not update the selected sum too often #1510
x enhanced display of ratings if a user rating has been added #1513
x added tmdbid to the movie set NFO #1516
x cleanup of old season artwork when adding new one #1518
x fixed check of shipped FFmpeg #1522
x (image chooser) show a warning message when a wrong url has been entered #1530
x (movies) Duplicate filter now considers all IDs
x enhanced aborting of trailer downloads
x enhanced layouting of the movie/TV show settings
x enhanced nextpvr parsing #1537
x (Linux) statically linked launcher to avoid glibc version mismatch #1542
x fixed occasional double spaces in the renamer results #1541
x (TV shows) enhanced note filter #1540
x Plot & note fields render now clickable links #1538
x enabled growing of the datasource settings panel #1548
x do not strip tag from TV show NFO files x (TV shows) re-set episode IDs when changing the S/E number via the find episode dialog #1462 x (movies) write the original filename (rather than the actual one) to the NFO #1556 x Emby: quickfix for multi episodes by writing tag #1444

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