Version v4.2.2

2 minute read

+ added selected entries amount and file size totals to the movie/movie set/TV show list #1450
+ added file size totals tp the movie/movie set/TV show table
+ added an option to set the default value for “do not overwrite existing data” to the settings
+ added a setting to ignore completeness check for specials
x (TVDB) fix recent API changes from TVDB #1481
x (TVDB) enhanced translation handling of our API implementation
x fix some minor issues for the live update of movie set data #1477
x calculation of minimum size for restoring window sizes/positions #1485
x enhanced loading times of internal scrapers
x fix detection of paths in skip folders #1493
x fix detection of multiple trailers (Zidoo style) #1398 #1413
x lowered defaults for completeness check
x enhanced the filename filter to run against all media files
x rewrote fetching of translated episodes in the episode chooser
x (IMDB) allow unassigned episodes to be scraped #1494
x several fixes for post-processing management

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