Version 2.4.5

1 minute read

feature: when getting only 1 search result at automatic scrape, we assume it is the right one (and take it - ignoring the score)
feature: added update single data source to the menus
fix: on some machines, tmm crashed at startup (using oracle java 8)
fix: samples of TV show episodes will now be renamed to a samples folder
fix: added env.txt for linux users (they can now use mediainfo without drawbacks on non-UTF8 installations)
fix: tweaked import logic and media info parsing (should work better with large libraries)
fix: directory separators in movie renamer file naming will now be ignored
fix: when scraping new items in the TV show section, sometimes the whole TV show has been rescraped
fix: the TV show importer will now recognize also .tbn

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Manuel Laggner

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