Version v3.0.5

3 minute read

+ added a scraper for (thx @wjanes)
+ added an action to force deletion of all HTTP caches (on disk and in memory) #656
+ added changing of the movie edition to the movie bulk editor
+ added a custom note field for movies/TV shows/episodes
+ added unwanted files dialog for TV shows
x show popupmenu from text fields on macOS #637
x crash on startup if some images could not be loaded
x catch more exceptions on file download #642
x do not try to open dialogs on disconnected screens #640
x delete subtitle archive after extracting #641
x fix update data sources from Google Drive
x correct date format style in files
x when unable to load the database, start over with a new/clean one rather than not starting tmm
x fixed loading of the colon replacement in the renamer settings
x enhanced detection of valid NFO files #638
x write the plot content to the outline field in the NFO #630
x ImageCache must not crash tmm on exceptions #659
x enabled to explicitly filter for empty values #660
x refactored the MediaPortal NFO format into 2 new formats for enhanced compatibility: MP MyVideos and MP Moving Pictures
x do not crash tmm on startup on incomplete settings #663
x remove a custom genre in the bulk editor does not throw an exception any more
x do not overwrite user ratings on scrape
x better logging of errors in the OpenSubtitles scraper #633
x fixed movie in a movie set filter

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