Version v3.0 RC1

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After several years of development we are proud to announce

tinyMediaManager v3 - RC1

available at

key changes are:

  • completely rewritten UI (thx to @joostzilla)
    • new style and layout (better usage of the available space
    • especially for low screen devices)
    • flexible and configurable tables
    • improved filters (inclusive and exclusive filters)
    • better UI scaling on high dpi screens
  • added a dark theme
  • completely rewritten the renamer engine
  • completely rewritten NFO parsing and writing (much more flexible now)
  • easier translation via now
  • increased required Java version to Java 8+
  • ability to mix in missing episodes
  • presets in settings for common media centers
  • many enhancements under the hood

since many things have changed, you are not able to upgrade from an existing v2 version of tmm! You need to download tmm v3 from and create a separate installation with the new settings for v3!

Please report any issues/feature requests at our project home.

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