Movie & TV show renamer in v3

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The movie & TV show renamer in version 3 uses the Java Minimal Template Engine (JMTE). This engine allows us to give the users an extended access to the data of movies and TV shows - you are no more restricted to the renamer token we’ve implemented. This post gives you a short overview over the new renamer.


The JMTE engine allows you to do many more things than just include data from movies/TV shows into the renamer. It is also possible to put some logic (possible, but etxremely verbose) into the renamer templates. You can have a look at the JMTE wiki what is possible to achieve.


renamer settings for movies

As you see in the screenshots you have many predefined renamer tokens for easy access to common movie information. If you need other data, you can simply access it via ${movie.<data>} (e.g. ${movie.title}). You can see a list of available fields from the movies you can have a look at the wiki for renamer templates.

TV shows

renamer settings for TV shows

As seen for movies, accessing TV show and episode data is also working at the TV show renamer: ${tvShow.<data>} (e.g. ${tvShow.title}) for TV show data and ${episode.<data>} (e.g. ${episode.title}). Available fields from TV shows and episodes are in the wiki for renamer templates too.

With switching to JMTE for the renamer too, we’ve created an extremely powerful renamer engine which has almost no limitation.

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