Version v3.0 RC2

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RC2 of tinyMediaManager v3 is out, containing the following changes:

+ added support for searching by IMDB id
+ moved the whole infrastructure over to GitLab (source code hosting, building and binary hosting)
+ updated to libmediainfo 18.12 and adopted to the new libmediainfo format
+ write the added-date to NFOs too
+ added original title to TV shows too
+ create a backup of the whole /data folder (including settings) instead of only the databases
+ added filter for container format (movies and TV shows) + added certification, edition and source columns to the movie table
+ added update movie to the popup menu
+ added capitalize words for movie and TV show renamer (thx @wjanes)
+ added a function to detect unwanted files in your data sources (thx @wjanes)
+ added some bulk editor additions (thx @wjanes)
+ added other IDs to the details panel too
+ added webm to supported video formats per default
+ added trailer-name settings
x always move files/folders to the .deletedByTmm folder instead of deleting them
x do not create season folders when changing the renamer patterns
x treat all images in /extrafanarts as extrafanarts
x enhanced drawing of tooltips in the tree/table
x enhanced startup to detect custom JVMs
x some fixes to the multiple ratings infrastructure
x force popups to be shown in the front
x fixed some genre names
x some fixes/enhancements to the universal scraper
x better detection of the screen size (avoid tmm to be too large on multi screen setups)
x reduced minimal window width of tmm to 1050px
x re-added DataTablesHTML export template
x performance enhancements in the duplicate filter (movies)
x fixed path comparison in the renamer (case sensitive checks on case insensitive file systems)
x enhanced media info 3D detection: differentiate between half/full resolutions
x fixed last modification time detection on macOS
x fixed some Java 9 - 11 issues
x separated cast, studio and country at scraping (thx @wjanes)
x many new/fixed media info icons
x fixed an exception in the column configurator for renamer settings
x fixed some issues for Turkish users
x fixed redrawing of changed artwork
x improved trailer detection
x removed multi selection from data source maintenance screen
x enhanced renamer patterns of audio streams

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