Version v3.0.2

2 minute read

+ added undo/redo for all text fields
+ added renamer token for the current parent folder (to enable renaming of folders without moving them in the folder structure)
x read/write TV show sorttitle from/to NFO #539
x better detection of same named movies in different quality
x fix bulk downloading images (AniDB, Kyra Animated)
x better 3D detection from filename
x fixed some scaling issues in the renamer settings panels
x set episode year along with firstAired
x writing of TV show actor images
x fix an occasional crash when scraping movie sets #563
x fixed language detection for Turkish subtitles #562
x reworked KodiRPC connection (better datasource matching) #554 #549
x fixed location for writing NFO and trailer files (for disc folders)
x changed hotkey for deleting movies/TV shows to CTRL+SHIFT+DEL #568
x fixed parsing of votes from IMDB in another notation #559
x clean episode title upon importing

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