Version v3.0.3

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+ reworked the YouTube download engine. Should now work for almost all trailers! (thx @wjanes)
+ separated space substitution for filenames and foldernames (movies) #611
+ added jump to movie by keystroke in the movie table
+ added Mexican Spanish to scraper languages #570
+ added Icelandic to scraper languages #574
+ added a duplicate episode filter #578
+ added a MovieEdition filter
+ added option to store tmm data into another folders
+ added seconds to the runtime in the media files panel
+ added an option to hide media logos (to save space for low resolution devices)
+ reworked logic for finding the best artwork according to the settings #589
+ added first aired to the TV show tree #557
+ added a button to revert renamer template to the default value
+ added option to explicitly rebuild the image cache for selected movies/TV shows
+ added “Final Cut” to recognized movie edition patterns #612
x fixed downloading movie set artwork in the right resolution #580
x write user ratings to own tags in the NFO files
x write correct trailer url to the NFO
x do not write stream runtime for disc style movies to NFO
x sort tags in the tag filter dropdown
x enlarged the year column that occasional truncation should not happen again
x the logos panel does not push other fields (like play button, plot, ..) out of the screen
x removed duplicate shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+U #590
x do not throw exception if a TV show has x*100 episodes #587
x do not resize extrathumbs if the setting is deactivated #589
x replace colons in the renamer patterns
x enhanced the renamer replacements/cleanup #597
x execute a copy&delete if a move fails #602
x getMainVideoFile() now returns the first part of stacked movies/episodes rather than the biggest one
x fixed regexp to find extra(s) in nested movie folders #603
x fixed renaming of episodes with samples #601
x fixed crash in the movie renamer settings when a movie was in a UNC root #561
x fixed import of MediaInfo.xml files
x fixed TV show renamer spaces substitution
x fixed ${parent} processing in the renamer #609
x fixed removing of audio streams/subtitles in the media file editor #610

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