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Downloading of trailers from YT is kinda a hit and miss recently, so we decided to create an integration of yt-dlp in tinyMediaManager v5.0.5. The developers behind yt-dlp are doing an excellent job keeping the downloader up to date, so this will be the most preferred method for downloading trailers in the future - we are simply not able to change the code base for the YT-downloader as fast as they do.

To integrate yt-dlp you just need to download the executable for your system from their Github repository, create a subfolder called addons in your content folder (the folder where your data is) and put the yt-dlp executable into this folder. After that you should be able to activate the option to let yt-dlp download your trailers from YT:

You need to use the correct file name for the executable for being detected: yt-dlp.exe for Windows and yt-dlp for macOS/Linux. Otherwise tinyMediaManager is not able to find the executable.

yt-dlp trailer download option

For Docker users: at the moment there is no clean solution for our Docker users available. Until we deliver a fix, you could download a compatible version of yt-dlp for your docker container, put it either into a subfolder called addons of your /data bind mount/volume or mount the folder containing the yt-dlp executable manually via -v </path/to/addons/>:/data/addons.

This decouples the yt-dlp binary from tinyMediaManager itself to allow you to download the most recent binary as soon as it is released - there is no need to wait for another tinyMediaManager release to fix YT trailer downloads.




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