Version v5.0.6

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+ (TV show) added poster file naming for Zidoo #2510
+ added an option to round the framerate (use ${framerate(round)}) #2568
+ (movie/TV show) added a preset for MediaPIG
+ added a CMD argument to start tinyMediaManager with just the API active (and no GUI)
x upgraded libmediainfo to 24.05
x do not duplicate season names in GUI #2497
x also search for FFmpeg and yt-dlp in system path
x (Jellyfin) do not write person URLs into the NFO files #2518
x (NFO) fix accidental updating of originalFilename #2575
x fixed year column width in choosers for HiDPI displays #2567
x enhanced automatic artwork download algorithm (re-search for the chosen resolution without language information)
x rewrite mediainfo.xml on file change #2566
x improve cleanup when updating a single TV show
x (TV show) improve handling of absolute date based episodes #2576
x updated writing of .desktop file for Linux
x (TV show) able to create ABSOLUTE numberings from an AIRED show
x parsing a new framerate style from libmediainfo #2568
x fixed an error when trying to download the subtitle of “Nothing found” #2574
x produce better errors when OpenSubtitles limits are reached #2574
x added some enhancements for “display missing episodes” when using alternate orders
x always offer aired order in the episode number editor #2564
x do not exhaust vertical space in the image chooser #2431
x removed duplicate function of double click in tree-tables - double click will now open the editor
x (TVDB) improve search result matching of duplicated shows / different year

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