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Within the last months tinyMediaManager has constantly grown and thus we decided to do some general cleanup of the whole source to prepare it for the next months/years of development 😉

1.) First of all Google Code announced to close their source code hosting service and with this step we also moved our source code to GitHub, changed the code management tool from svn to git, the build chain from ant to maven.

2.) Furthermore we’ve extracted some core code needed by the scraper to its own API (link) to provide an interface for 3rd party scraper developers. Hand in hand with that process we’ve extracted and refactored all our scrapers to their own projects.

3.) We’ve also changed our internal database engine from ObjectDb to a more maintainable (and opensource!) library H2-MVStore and JSON. This change boosted the overall performance of tinyMediaManager and is more failsafe than the old one. The drawback it, that all users have to “import” their library again into tinyMediaManager (update data sources)

All in all you see that in the last months there has been a lot of work with this project and now we’re proud to announce a the release of version 2.7. You can find it at for Windows/MacOSX and Linux.


IMPORTANT: with the update to version 2.7 the internal database will be deleted due to internal changes. You only need to re-import (update data sources) your movies and TV shows

With the update to 2.7 there are massive changes under the hood of tinyMediaManager:
- moved source code management to GitHub and changed the build system to maven
- changed the internal database engine from ObjectDB to H2-MVStore + JSON this change makes tinyMediaManager more robust and faster
- introduced a new infrastructure for scrapers which makes developing new scrapers less complex and opens the scraper interface to other developers

+ added a basic setup wizard for new installations
+ better detection of “stacking” markers (CD1, part1, …)
+ added support excluding folder from scan (via a file .tmmignore or tmmignore and settings)
+ rewrote all scrapers from scratch (including optimizations and bug fixes)
+ added a very special scraper for all that who have Kodi installed 😉 (donator only) (
+ assign movie sets feature is now free for all (dropped donator only status)
+ added automatic trailer download at scrape (dropped donator only status for trailer download)
+ added “date added” to the columns of the movie list
+ enhanced UI language to enable country specific translations (e.g. pt_BR)
+ changed login mode to PIN auth (you may re-check your settings)
+ added media info editor (some fields from media info are now maintain able)
+ added title sortable to TV shows section
+ added displayepisode and displayseason for TV shows
+ added option to persist UI filter settings
+ added native file- and directory-open dialogs
+ updated mediainfo to 0.7.78 and generalized folder structure
+ added <streamdetails> tag for episodes
+ refactored episode chooser (search for episode is now available)
+ take the date added from the video file where possible
+ changed behavior of the new state: it will now be dropped at the next update data source
the new indicator changed from the green font to an icon
+ added media source to NFO
x fixed invoking the specified media player on OSX
x included mediainfo fix for all platforms
x changed the style of notifications to be less intrusive
x changed NFO rewriting behavior to be less aggressive
x prevent setting incomplete meta data when scraping was not successful
x adding special characters to the sort title prefixes is now possible
x several fixes in the movie renamer
x reworked internal representation of artwork file names/url (high performance boost for movie sets)
x changed bug reporting system
x reworked movie name detection
x reworked episode number detection
x enhanced detection of extras (samples, trailers, ..)
x updated all templates to our actual data model and JMTE 3.2
x tweaked “best-trailer” detection
x fixed auto complete combobox
x fixed scraping episodes with DVD ordering
x fixed special character handling of sort titles
x fixed real offline startup
x fixed cleanup on artwork scraping
x fixed NFO importing issue when having multiple tags
x fixed display of “never ending” tasks
x fixed file name generation of movie/tv show export templates
x fixed finding of additional files for episodes
x fixed writing of watched state in MediaPortal NFO
x fixed/improved episode sync
x many smaller fixes and enhancements

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