Version 2.5

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after 1.5 months and about 200 commits we are proud to announce

###tinyMediaManager v2.5

feature: completely reworked the TV show panel (including a new panel for seasons - reworked TV show section)
feature: completely reworked the (movie) filter panel and added a filter panel for TV shows (see new filter panels)
feature: added movie filters: datasource, missing metadata, missing artwork, missing subtitles, new movies
feature: added TV show filters: datasource, cast member, missing metadata, missing artwork, missing subtitles, new episodes
feature: added possibility to hide several columns in the movie table
feature: experimental support for AniDB scraper
feature: added for TV shows
feature: added imdb top 250
feature: added producers
feature: added an ASCII cleaner for the renamer
feature: added “bad words” to the movie importer
feature: possibility to get the runtime from media files rather than scraper
feature: added some settings for the TV show renamer
feature/fix: reworked tagging of TV shows and episodes
fix: many enhancements to the “update datasources” and database engine -> tmm is much faster now with large databases
fix: some fixes and preventions to the “update datasources” engine
fix: many memory optimizations (tmm now uses less memory)
fix: when renaming an actor, the actor thumb also gets renamed
fix: several issues/problems with the renamer
fix: artwork naming for DVD/BR images
fix: adapted scaling factor of the tmm window - now it should fit on lower screens nicely
fix: crash at startup with invalid locales
fix: crash when searching for a movie set is fixed with themoviedbapi 3.9
fix: NFO parsing of xbmc-youtube plugin urls
fix: externalized some more string (better translations)
fix: several fixes to the TV show renamer
translations: added spain (thx to roliverosc), italian (thx to peppe_sr), korean (thx to piodio), norwegian (thx to roandr); completed fr (thx to nerve)

thx to all who helped us for this version!

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