Version v4.1.3

2 minute read

+ Emby compatibility enhancements

  • (TV shows) proper trailer naming for Emby
  • (TV shows) added tmdbid to the NFO
  • (TV shows) added option to write <enddate> to the TV show NFO
  • (TV shows) added option to write all actors/guests into the TV show NFO

+ (TV shows) added vote count column
+ basic support for nextpvr recording XML parsing #1252
x added shutdown hook to prevent database corruption
x (TV shows) also fetch IMDB ratings for episodes
x (movies) catch occasional errors in movie set sorting
x check write access to the tinyMediaManager folder on startup
x (TV shows) added columns for music theme and video bitrate
x (TV shows) do not mix in a missing episode on media file exchange
x (movies/TV shows) fixed creation of trailer folder while muxing
x (TV show) fixed bug when writing TV show NFO
x re-aligned new rating logos to do not take up that much vertical space
x (TV show) prevent rating panel from flickering
x do not draw the rating panel over popups #1265
x change filter indicator if all filters are deactivated #1268

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