Version 2.5.2

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+ added a lightbox effect, when clicking on an artwork in the movie/movie set/tv show panel (see this post)
+ updated mediainfo libs
+ (movie) when removing the last movie from a movie set, the movie set is also removed
+ (movie) added filter for certifications
+ (movie) added option to fall back to another scraper when not search result has been found
+ (TV show) added episodeguide to the TV show nfo
+ (movie) added languages (spoken languages) to the nfo
+ (TV show) added function to rename complete seasons
+ (movie) added double click event (in the table) to open the movie editor
+ (movie) added a better unwatched logo
+ added comments to the NFO
+ added movie filename to the movie chooser dialog (for better support of multi movie dirs) x when renaming TV shows, some episode paths still pointed to the old path
x sometimes changing movie/TV show artwork wasn’t updated internally
x better renaming of TV show disc images
x improved performance when removing multiple movies
x some nonresistances with linking of movies and moviesets
x in movie/TV show chooser - prevent strange behavior when changing the scraper while another search is active
x added producers also to the nfo
x changed TV show - certification settings (thetvdb only provides US certs..)
x prevent some exceptions when renaming/filtering TV shows
x parsing of multi movie dirs
x wrong saving of the tmdb id since 2.5.1

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