Version v3.1

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+ added trailer support for TV shows
+ added experimental support for BluRay ISO reading
+ completely reworked scraper configuration: you now have a better control what scraper fetches/updates
+ support for named seasons
+ support for rendering animated gifs
+ support for movie set artwork style of Kodi v19
+ added a movie set artwork cleanup function (to rename/cleanup) the movie set artwork in the right naming scheme) #715 #694 #511
+ updated libmediainfo to 19.09
+ changed to nativefiledialog to avoid usage of JavaFX (better compatibility across different systems/Java versions)
+ visually enhanced the CheckComboBox
+ write the movie set/collection id as tmdbCollectionId for emby
+ added UPPER, lower and Title case renderer to the renamer. See our wiki for more information #680
+ added original title to the text search in TV shows
+ added updater script for command line #124
+ try to detect the season folder name by analyzing the episode filenames #699
+ added the new note field to the bulk editors
+ enabled sorting by multiple columns in the movie table
+ enabled writing of subtitles without language code #621
+ added file size to the renamer patterns #691
+ (Movies) added a bulk editor function to write the languages of the audio streams into the spoken language field #714
+ added an option to delete artwork from within the editor (movies, TV shows, episodes) #367
+ (Movies) added a new export template: DarkTemplate (thx @maxburon)
+ added a aspect ratio filter for common aspect ratios #644
+ IMDB: added option to scrape keywords (tags) #666
+ added regexp support in badwords
+ added navigation in the TV show tree by typing
+ added seasonXX-landscape naming scheme
+ (Linux) added an action to create a desktop entry in ~/.local/share/applications
+ added bahasa Indonesia to scraper languages #757
x NFO: always write at least one id entry with default=”true”
x do not move episode files if the episode and season renamer patterns are empty #667
x use temp files to create backups #678
x more/better HDR format detection (you need to reload MediaInformation of your files!)
x fix for writing Quicktime (Apple) trailers as .quicktime
x added 1440p to the video formats (and some common 1440p resolutions to the detection) #686
x changed date added logic: now it is configurable which date should be used #600
x respect TV show bad words in the TV show update data source logic #692
x do not rewrite NFO file, if nothing has changed #698
x IMDb: parse release date from releaseinfo page too #697
x fixed TV show tag filter
x downgrade TVDB search result score when not receiving any year to compare
x changed writing of the outline in the NFO. It is now configurable how the outline should be written #630 #683
x enhanced movie renamer pattern validation #709 #705
x moved export logic into thread to do not block the UI while exporting
x IMDB: use the first found release date
x TMDB: show all search results (not only the first 20)
x TMDB: add season cast/crew to the episodes too
x TMDB: clean search string (move The, … to the front on search)
x fixed scraping with scraper (API changes on their side)
x updated the download missing artwork task to do a “light” cleanup of artwork files according to the settings
x the rating in the details panel now updates correctly
x fixed Youtube downloader
x fixed scaper
x do not open the image preview dialog multiple times #738
x IMDB: fixed checking of IMDB id
x parse plot/tagline from NFO respecting line breaks #742
x allow choosing an episode of season 0 in the episode chooser
x fixed exporting of artwork in the exporter under certain circumstances #756
x (TMDB) pass full language tags to the API because of a bug at TMDB #708

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