Version 2.7.2

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LINUX: We’ve removed the shipped mediainfo library due to massive problems between different distributions. Please install the libmediainfo directly from your package manager or from

+ Kodi scrapers are now configurable
+ Movie renamer preview: dropped donator-only status, now FREE FOR ALL
+ added web-dl to media sources
+ add writing of imdb id in TV show NFO
+ added $# rating movie renamer option
+ pimp scraper UI; add version s to all plugins x some performance fixes on updating datasources
x remove bundled mediainfo for Linux (using system default)
x fix movie renamer when having access problems
x fix IMDB title fallback to TMDB
x TvShow episode parser: fix common word replacement
x rework scraper fallback logic, do not stop on plugin errors
x fix the “new” marker never being cleared in special cases
x MediaPortal NFO: parse multiple genres styles
x NTFS: renaming to same name but other cASE now works
x Movie actors: replace invalid file system characters when saving thumb
x MacOS: save database on terminating with command-q
x fixed error in movie set editor when no movies are assigned to the set
x fixed error in movie editor where sorttitle has been lost

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