Version 2.6.5

2 minute read

+ enhanced TV show and movie renamer (

+ DVD ordering of episodes (
+ added memory options especially for large media libraries
+ write thumb url into the NFO for multi episode files
+ added h265 logo
+ (experimental) added Rotten Tomates scraper
+ added downloading of custom image-urls in the image chooser
+ added genre to the movie renamer
+ now also allowing folder.jpg/png for disc images
+ option to change the language while scraping (movie and TV show chooser)
+ added several DTS profiles to mediainfo detection (+logos) x added some workarounds for failing TVDB searches
x proper handling of the watched state in the NFO
x catching some NFO parsing problems
x improved parsing of imdb plot
x improved performance of artwork detection for movie sets
x better detection of media source (brrip, hdrip, hdtvrip, …)
x fixed scraping of localized movie metadata
x fixed downloading of season posters
x fixed some minor issues with the command line version
x fixed Mac OSX startup script
x fixed some export template issues
x fixed some performance issues with movie set artwork detection
x fixed sort title generation for movie sets
x respect max. screen resolution when opening dialogs
x enabled double click in the episode chooser dialog

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