Version 2.6.6

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+ updated library to the new API
IMPORTANT: please re-enter your login data for

+ new sort order for movies: video bit rate
+ bulk editing of media source for movies
+ added rating column to the movie table
+ double click in movie set/TV show tree opens the editor
+ added a message history window (menu tools - show message history)
+ added filter option for year (movie)
+ added greek translation x reworked NFO naming. Now be able to add NFO inside DISC folders separately
x fixed the season template in the TV show renamer
x fixed renamer (movie & tv shows) for case insensitive file systems
x better rewriting of movie NFO after movie set editing
x HDRIP is now being recognized as BluRay (more common source than TV)
x change writing of .desktop files for linux
x fixed OSX app (now tinyMediaManager is launch able without Java 6)
x bad words are now checked case insensitive
x fixed search score calculation for tmdb/rottentomatoes scraper
x enhanced NFO parsing to be more tolerant
x fixed subtitle writing for Kodi NFOs
x improved loading of mediainfo on network shares
x fixed an UI glitch, where episodes disappeared after scraping
x performance fix for offline movie set artwork
x fixed various smaller issues

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