Version 2.6.7

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IMPORTANT: with tinyMediaManager version 2.7 we do not support Java6 anymore.
If you are still using Java6, please update.

+ updated mediainfo to 0.7.73 (ARM users now have to install the system version of mediainfo for better compatibility)
+ Mirror support: TMM now distributed on several mirrors for better availability (and error handling for network blockages)
+ Movie renamer: complete rewrite - CHECK YOUR RENAMER SETTINGS!
+ Movie renamer: possible to “downgrade” a movie, when having no distinct folder. (CHECK YOUR FOLDER RENAMER SETTINGS!)
+ added sort option via sort title
+ added an option to name the episode thumbs without the -thumb postfix (improves compatibility for different media players)
+ added director to movie renamer tokens
+ added DVD order renamer tokens ($3, $4, $D) x changed detection of DTS-HD codecs (Kodi will display the right logo now after NFO export)
x fixed multichannel AAC detection
x added a warning message when doing an update data source and no data source specified
x renamer: exchange colon with a dash. (even better than removing completely)
x TvShow renamer: remove old/left-over NFOs
x subtitles: language detection for SUB ones
x the NFO files has not been updated in some cases
x TheTvDB search cleans out too much “special” characters
x fixed occasional UI glitches with TV shows
x various smaller fixes

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