Version 2.9.2

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+ added action: download missing artwork
+ added parsing of Synology VSMETA files
+ added shortcut (CTRL - F) to jump to the search field (thx @hampelratte)
+ improved user interaction for tags and genres (thx @hampelratte)
+ get a list of video files for TV show export with episode.videoFiles
+ added HDRip as an own media source
+ movie renamer: added $K token (first tag)
+ added moving of genres/tag in the movie editor
x fixed localized artwork loading for brazilian users
x fixed deleting of backup folder in windows #120
x fixed detection/renaming of movieset artwork in movie folders #111
x do not remove movie set artwork when removing movies from tmm #111
x do not remove movie sets when removing movies/data sources from tmm #111
x increased max memory setting for 64bit users to 2560MB
x updated MediaInfo to 0.7.91
x fixed parsing of media source

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