Version v3.1.5

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+ splitted space substitution in the TV show renamer into setting for TV show/season folder and episode filename (thx @dimitricappelle)
NOTE: you may have to review your renamer settings if you used space substitution in the TV show renamer
+ updated libmediainfo to 20.03
+ re-layouted information panels for better visibility on low resolution devices
+ preserve original file name in NFO (movie / tvshow)
+ added support CMYK JPEGs
+ remember last used rating id in the rating editor #788
+ show video bit depth and hdr format in the media files tab and in the editors
+ added id (movies) and TMDB id (TV shows) with links to the UI
+ enabled scraping of tags from AniDB #836
+ make the scraped amount of keywords in IMDB and tags in AniDB configurable
+ added Kodi RPC call to clean video/audio libraries (thx @max3163)
x (TVDB) catch even more connection problems #832
x show medium dateformat and added date / time format in default Locale
x store user notes in the NFO files
x (TV show) catch occasional errors in NFO parsing #837
x fixed calculation for file size in the renamer #843
x fixed extracting of VSMETA artwork for some movies #760
x fixed displaying of downloaded trailer #838
x (AniDB) fixed reading of specials #827
x Fix localization of Kodi plugins #848
x do not generate trailing separators (space . - _) into subfolder names #853
x enable UPPER, lower and Title renderer on all fields in the renamer

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