Version v3.1.6

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+ Further improve episode detection #824
+ added (internal) subtitle language information to the renamer tokens #855
+ added support for double digit stacking patterns (cd12, part12, ..)
+ (movie/TV show) better support for filtering movies by text (regular search, normalized search)
+ added zh_CN and zh_HK to scraper languages #885
x fixed writing of multiple tags (date_added and user_note) in the NFO file
x changed video codec HEVC/x265 to the more common name h265
x fixed occasional UI glitches where artwork did not change
x fixed occasional error messages when removing movies #857
x fixed TMDB fallbackLanguages parsing #861
x (movie) only provide ascending and descending sort order of table columns
x (movie/TV show) provide tags (in dropdown lists) in a sorted order
x (movie) do not move movie extras out of the “Extra(s)” folder upon renaming
x force closing of files after subtitle hash calculation
x (windows) call the default file manager rather than explorer.exe for opening folders
x do not automatically scroll down in the image chooser
x catch occasional hiccups in the trailer panel #864
x fixed layout of the movie settings panel
x fixed rescaling of the tasklist #892
x fixed special handling of discart with multi movie folders/disc images

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