Version v4.3.4

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+ added the ID of the movie/TV show to the search results #1824
+ added a renamer token for TV show genres and TV show/episode ratings #1874
+ also delete unwanted folders on rename #1692
+ TV episodes: also detect IDs from filename
+ changing the user rating will remove it from the ratings
+ added regular expression based skip folders for TV shows #1402
+ added a path based filter for movies and TV shows #1891
x do not check title token for valid episode name pattern #1870
x fixed timing of KodiRPC calls #1831
x (TVDB) allow using a subscriber API key & pin
x (TMDB) matching of episode numbers #1884
x update movie media source on exchanged video files
x remove all scraped IDs when changing episode/season numbers
x upgrade MediaSource BluRay to UHD-BluRay, if video specs say so
x (TVDB) also scrape certification data for TV shows
x KodiRPC: better handling of URIs for matching (stackoverflow) #1903
x read real subtitle format via mediainfo

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