Version v4.3.3

1 minute read

+ redesign the file type panel
+ added Top 250 column to the movie list #1838
x fix displaying correct runtime for disc folders
x preserve tags order #1848
x better fallback scraper selection
x merging multiple items should not remove anything #1840
x (TMDB) fixed rating download for TV shows
x do not try to get episode thumbs from #1855
x ignore tmdbcol (from Ember) in the duplicate filter
x (AniDB) fixed scraping of episodes
x saving of changes genres/tags in the movie/TV show editor #1858
x (TV shows) removed double assigned hotkey #1851
x fix scraping TV season names #1856
x also set unknown HDR values
x respect preferred artwork sizes for TV shows too
x fix loading values in the replacement renderer

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