Version v4.1.6

2 minute read

+ (movies/TV shows) “add a new data source” has been added to the “update data sources” menu
+ (movies/TV shows) view NFO files and play music theme files in the mediafiles tab
+ (TV shows) added IMDB id to the TV show renamer #1344
+ (movies) added renamer fields for production company/studio (thx @DirtyRacer)
x (movies/TV shows) reduced CPU usage of MVStore
x (movies/TV shows) reduced loading time of the databases
x (movies/TV shows) eager creation of .actors folder #1343
x (movies/TV shows) prevent errors when closing dialogs #1348
x (movies) Subtitles: detect and rename hearing impaired SDH ones
x (movies/TV shows) prevent custom sort prefixes from crashing TMDB searches #1349
x (movies/TV shows) improved performance of displaying the Kodi menu
x (movies) added sorting via title as second sort order
x (movies) set original file name for single movie folders too
x (movies/TV shows) compare date added on the date part only
x (movies/TV shows) fixed reading existing NFO files from disc folders
x (movies/TV shows) catch more errors on failed scrape
x (movies/TV shows) exchange data source between windows and unix style #1364
x (movie sets) do not delete the artwork folder when all movie sets get removed #1371

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