Version v4.1.5

2 minute read

+ added an enhanced aspect ratio detector (thx @icebaer72 and @All-Ex)
+ heavily reworked the Kodi integration #335, #966, #971, #1151, #1303
+ added a filter for movie sets containing missing movies #1279
+ (movie) added year to the bulk editor
+ automatically restore a backup if a damaged database has been detected on startup
+ support for scraping adult TV shows #1307
x new macOS icon that matches the BigSur style #1333 (thx @titanicbobo)
x fixed loading of license module on UNC paths #1227
x partly reverted changes to the database management #1315 #1316 #1291 #1306
x reworked memory usage visualization in the status bar
x do not pre-set artwork types in the (background) scrape dialogs, when automatic artwork download is disabled
x allow more season/episode variants to be detected #1302
x enhanced check for missing artwork to extrafanart/extrathumbs too #1320
x (TMDB) enhanced language fallback for es_MX, pt_BR and fr_CA #1326
x reverted splitting playcount from watched state #1296
x (movies/TV shows) make sure the actors folder exists prior to moving files #1331
x (TV shows) do not remove “season-all-*” artwork on rename #1327

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