v2.3 - r967

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feature: command line arguments! see Command line arguments for more details
feature: localized Genres
feature: new video file type VIDEO_EXTRAS; detect additional videos according to https://github.com/brentosmith/xbmc-dvdextras
feature: added three differend space replacements for the movie renamer (like in the TV show renamer) fix: display “runtime” from videos, if not have been scraped
fix: trailers: do not put local ones in NFO
fix: faster artwork panel
fix: better video format & aspect ratio detection (XBMC like)
fix: MediaFiles ordering
fix: writing now always fileinfos, corrected channel settings
fix: movie renamer: duplicate spacer replacements
fix: mark new movies did not work in all cases
fix: better TV show naming detection, removing more false positives
fix: “force” mediainfo
fix: certificate issue
many internal changes

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