v2.4 - r1013

2 minute read

feature: detect movies in multi movie dirs (this file structure is not recommended)
feature: added wake on LAN support
feature: add up to 5 fanarts to the MediaPortal NFO
feature: clear image cache for single movies/TV shows/episodes
feature: reworked search result score calculation (automatic scrape should now be better)
feature: Moviemeter.nl will now gather more data
feature: reworked movie panel for better access to common menu items
feature: added certification to the renamer options
feature: made search panel a bit smaller, so it is not taking up that much space
feature: our 1000th commit ๐Ÿ˜‰ fix: fixed movie renamer. If you encounter some problems with incomplete renaming - an update datasource should fix it!
fix: if you suffered from incomplete renaming, tmm crashed when selecting a movie
fix: fixed a crash in the image panel
fix: IMDB scraper should now return better localized titles
fix: TheTVDb scraper will now always take the right language from settings
fix: better detection of BR/DVD folders
fix: changed working directory for *nix commandline shellscripts
fix: cancel TV show renamer should now cancel immediately
fix: close movie scraper (force best match) via โ€˜Xโ€™ will no longer start the scraper

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