Version 2.4.1

2 minute read

feature: detect imdb id from file/folder name at import
feature: switched scaling algorithm to imgscalr - is should now use less memory, be faster and the images have a better quality
feature: implemented a new column resizer - the tables for media files/trailer should now have more accurate column widths
feature: option to not renaming a movie into a movie set folder, when the movie set only has one movie fix: do not overwrite imdb id / tmdb id with empty values when scraping
fix: better messages when renaming does not work
fix: added a warning that TV show episodes with season/episode number -1 (not detected ones) cannot be renamed
fix: added a warning before initializing the database
fix: do not rename movie trailers when the renaming settings are empty
fix: exclude movie set artwork from movie import
fix: do not import windows special dirs (like $RECYCLE.BIN or Volume System Information)
fix: store extrathumbs/extrafanart in the database after download
fix: rebuild image cache now also caches extrafanart/extrathumbs

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