Version v4.3.11

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+ added Chinese (Singapore) to the scraper languages #2142
+ (renamer) audioChannels in “dot” notation (6ch -> 5.1)
+ (bulk edit) remember last used tab when bulk editing
+ upgraded libmediainfo to 23.04
+ added Macedonian to the scraper languages #2170
+ (mediainfo) extract subtitles from audio files too #2180
+ (Trakt) added an option to choose which date field is used for “collected at” #2168
x (TMDB) enhanced loading of localized episode content (title, original title, plot) #2165
x fixed Kodi RPC mappings
x fixed trailer downloading
x (Docker) force writing of window sizes/locations on shutdown #2091
x (TMDB/TVDB) do not scrape empty episode names if no translation is available #2147
x (movie set) downloading of artwork with different extensions #2154
x (TV shows) fixed renaming of video extras #2145
x fix extras detection for TV shows/episodes
x (movie) fix renaming of stacked subtitles
x fix renamer preview for extras
x added a faster way to re-evaluate MMD on each update
x made update data sources more crash resistant #2169
x enhanced logic to detect scraped status #2156
x enhanced extra(s) handling for episodes
x enhanced multi movie detection
x fixed pre-set of episode thumbs in the “Scrape metadata of selected episodes” dialog
x moved version info into the toolbar #2161
x added “Canceled” status for TV shows #2177
x improved edition detection from filename
x some enhancements on the automatic artwork download algorithm

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