Version 2.9.4

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+ Kodi XML scrapers for TV shows! (Donator only)
+ MediaInfo changes: if you have high-res, 6+ channel, 4k files, it is recommended to do a “mediainfo reload” of all movies, to get the correct icons.
+ Animated poster scraping (not always visible inside TMM, but on filesystem)
+ OMDb API scraper. Private scraper: details at (thx @wjanes) -
TinyMediaManager offers a limited access to OMDb API (10 calls per 15 seconds)
- removed the RottenTomates scraper because this service is no longer available for public usage

+ export movies/tv shows via command line #116
+ added fallback language scraping with tmdb scraper (thx @ProIcons) -
+ fixed various templates to use correct graphics
+ added new templates
DeadSix27 HTML generator by DeadSix27 -
Mobile Movie Search by Jennifer Gigliotti
+ added more icons for high res audio & video streams (Atmos, TrueHD, DTS:X, 4k)
+ added UltraHD Blu Ray as media source
+ added .sup as subtitle format for new installations #162
(existing ones may have to add this file type in the settings)
+ added video bit depth from mediainfo
+ added more detailed video resolutions #181 (thx @Gridluck)
+ preload settings screen for faster startup
x enhanced autom. downloading of subtitles #157 (thx @ProIcons)
x fixed handling for nested movie structures
x fixed default value for copyArtwork exporting
x fixed TV multi episode renaming #143
x fixed handling of JPEG images
x fixed storing preference for episode scrape
x fixed deleting original graphics on cache-miss
x changed forum links to the domain #155
x fixed some things in the image cache #153
x fix some surround audio icons #117
x fixed a mediaInformation JVM crash on some DVD ISO files
x fixed/enhanced media source detection #172 (thx @ProIcons)
x fixed detection of certain audio streams with mediainfo #173 (thx @ProIcons)
x fixed the year field in the editors: now you can set the year to zero
x better handling of network interruptions in the artwork downloader
x fixed default window size of the bug report dialog #184 (thx @ProIcons)

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